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    Sofa – Couch Covers

    What if you could buy a sofa without a cover? Well, you can stop wondering while you can at IKEA.

    Reshape your beloved set with sofa from IKEA with our exquisite and affordable new IKEA couch covers to choose from!

    IKEA slipcovers for sofa from Dekoria are secured with a two-year warranty, including manufacturer’s error. Just make a request and within two weeks the finished product will be delivered to the designated place. Slipcovers offered by Dekoria are made of more than 130 quality fabrics to choose from as well as up to 10 FREE swatches. Covers are sewn to match models presented in the current catalogs as well as to those already withdrawn from sale.

    Ikea Ektorp
    Ikea Klippan
    Ikea Kramfors
    Ikea Karlanda
    Ikea Beddinge
    Ikea Karlstad
    Ikea Tylösand
    Ikea Kivik
    Ikea Mysinge
    Ikea Göteborg
    Ikea Nikkala
    Ikea Stockholm
    Ikea Söderhamn
    Ikea Hagalund
    Ikea Lillberg
    Ikea Strömstad
    Ikea Ekeskog
    Ikea Lycksele
    Ikea Tomelilla
    Ikea Klobo
    Ikea Solsta

    Inspiration at your fingertips? Sure, it’s possible.

    Anyone can easily and comfortably find new patterns and ways to use materials in rooms with different styles on www.dekoria.us. A wide selection of 130 materials will find an appropriate solution regardless of taste. It is also easy to find slipcovers for IKEA’s most couches including those that are no longer available for sale. No need to worry about such situations, on our site you can find what you need furniture.

    Need inspiration for tastefully decorated interiors?

    If you want to make a fresh breath to your interior, choose an IKEA sofa cover in a bold purple or red color. If you prefer more modern style, select a slipcover for couch with black and white stripes.

    Of course, the slipcovers for Ikea sofas or other furniture in each room does not have to be in one color. You can experiment with different color compositions! Match similar shades and colors. However, patterned motifs should be chosen carefully to avoid chaos. Remember that some colors – white, grey and beige – are universal and fit in well with most other elements of the interior design.

    You can choose between many styles of IKEA sofa covers available at Dekoria.us. So much choice guarantees fit for modern and classical design.

    If you are looking for your dream IKEA sofa cover, huge selection of patterns and colors will facilitate the search. Our covers for Ikea sofas are allowing you to save time and money by the ease of usage. In case of any stains, you can just wash them in a washing machine without any specialized chemicals. Everyday washing powder will do!


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